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Albuquerque Bathroom Tile

Remodeling or constructing a bathroom can take numerous hours and be a difficult task, even for the savvy home improver. Ray’s Flooring Specialists, Inc. in Albuquerque, New Mexico can help. We will design, select and install any tile work for cabinets, countertops or flooring that you need for your project.

Albuquerque Bathroom Tile Benefits

Having tile in the bathroom is sensible because of its many benefits over other types of product such as hard wood or laminate. These benefits include:

  • Water resistance – possibly the most important feature to have when working in a wet environment like a bathroom. This means there is not going to be a build-up of mold or deterioration.
  • Easy maintenance – no matter the type of tile you choose for your bathroom project, the majority are easy to clean. A simple sponge mop and mild cleaning solution is sufficient for most clean-ups.
  • Stain resistance – tiles do not absorb liquids, so you can easily wipe away anything that may stain the surface of a typical floor.
  • Slip resistance – ceramic tiles have anti-slip textures such as grit or ribs to prevent people from slipping and falling easily in the bathroom.
  • Versatile design – tiles give the flexibility to design your bathroom with any color scheme you prefer. Tiles come in a variety of shapes, textures, styles and colors.

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The sales consultants at Ray’s Flooring Specialists, Inc. can give you innovative ideas for updating your bathroom with tile. Whether you want to add a new backsplash, update the countertops or have a whole new floor, our experts have your needs covered.

Albuquerque Bathroom Wall & Floor Tiles

Ray’s Flooring Specialists, Inc. can help any bathroom renovation requiring new floors or countertops. We work with commercial and residential customers to help them select and design their space to best meet their needs and styles. Our floor & wall tile comes from top-brand manufacturers like Samsung Radianz, Corian, Avonite and many more. Contact us today and schedule a free design consultation and estimate for your bathroom tile project.

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